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Thank you for inquiring about booking us for your church service or event. Please read on and contact us if you are interested in scheduling a concert.


Randy and Gay Hongo will present songs of faith and culture in their concert. Familiar favorites include:

In The Garden
How Great Thou Art
Amazing Grace
Pearly Shells
The Hawaiian Wedding Song

   I'd Rather Have Jesus
   Shout To The Lord
   Because He Lives
   Blue Hawaii
   Aloha 'Oe

In addition, Randy and Gay will share original compositions, many of which are based on Scriptural passages that have inspired and comforted them through different life situations. Also, if the situation is appropriate, Gay Hongo will share a hula or two.

The length of the concert will vary according to the request of the inviting church: the Hongos can share 30 minutes in a morning service, or an hour or longer in an evening meeting.


Randy and Gay Hongo prefer to come on a love-offering basis if agreed to by the sponsoring church. However, some churches may have an amount set aside in their church budget for a special concert such as this; if so, that is acceptable by the Hongos - whatever the amount might be. Please feel free to contact the Hongo's if you have any questions regarding financial arrangements:

Christian Vision
P.O. Box 31124
Honolulu, HI 96820-1124
Phone: (808) 834-1000
FAX: (808) 834-7840

Or, use our online Contact Us page.

In addition, the Hongos request that their CD's, cassettes, and songbooks be made available for purchase after the service or concert.


Unless requested, any travel expenses or housing needs will be taken care of by the Hongos themselves.

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